Joanne Dolezal

Get the content mindset and transform your online marketing

Content Marketing is now an essential skill for any business. Whether you are just getting started or have embraced content marketing, you need to get the content mindset.  Your customers now expect much, much more.  They have never been better informed or connected and quite frankly, you may not be making the cut. You need three magic ingredients if you want to create great content that works: the right mindset, real customer empathy and a unique story that sets you apart from the crowd.

Pascal Fintoni

Video killed the social media star

A fun and fast-paced look at the importance of video content in 2017 and how to adapt to the appeal of live videos on social networks. We will discuss how to avoid common mistakes and get the best results from platforms such as Facebook Live or Periscope. Importantly, we will learn the 3 main storytelling techniques used by filmmakers and the steps you need to plan, film, edit and publish the best social videos in order to avoid losing your audience to your competitors!

Natalie Eminae

Level up your Twitter strategy

So you’ve built your Twitter profile, added your logo and started tweeting – now what? If you’re keen to take your Twitter presence to the next level, don’t miss this seminar! Natalie shows you how to build a relevant, highly effective Twitter campaign that reaches your target customers, drives traffic to your website, and ultimately, sells your products or services through the platform. This seminar is designed to guide you through the social media maze, ensure that your Twitter efforts are adding value to your business and delivering an excellent ROI.

Tom Volpe

3 New Principles for SEO that Really Work

In this workshop, Tom Volpe, founder of GNT Media, introduces a brand new SEO mindset. Tom will explore 3 fundamental pillars of any effective SEO strategy, including plenty of actionable tips and tactics for you to implement yourself. However, Tom’s talk goes way beyond a simple ‘how to’. Tom will also reveal a tried and tested search philosophy that will allow you to drive real business growth and future-proof your SEO by ensuring that Google penalties only happen to other people. This workshop will enable you to leave your competitors behind and enjoy dramatic growth in online leads and overall revenue. If you have any interest in the latest trends surrounding highly effective SEO, this workshop is for you.

Steve Phillip

How to use LinkedIn to attract more of the right customers

Is cashflow in your business a continual concern for you? Do you experience peaks and troughs, where one moment you have sufficient customers and the next month you’re back into frantic selling mode? Since 2009, Steve has helped hundreds of business owners and sales professionals around the UK, in Europe and the USA, in companies such as Harley Davidson, Ecolab, The British Red Cross, Mills & Reeve Solicitors, FedEx and many other smaller businesses, to locate, connect and engage with their ideal audiences, strengthening their brand presence, using tools such as LinkedIn and other social media. You won't want to miss this workshop as Steve shares how you can make the most of using LinkedIn to attract more of the right customers to your business.

James Lane

Using Facebook & Instagram to tell your story and reach more customers

Investigating the partnership between Facebook and Instagram. Their collaborative approach to demographic targeting means that businesses can use impressively powerful tools to deliver content to prospective customers, ensuring that less money is spent, but more viewers convert to paying customers. By exploring the targeting, custom audience and pixel features of these platforms, we can see how we have demonstrable results without huge marketing budgets.

Andrew & Pete

How to sell through social media and content marketing

In this workshop Andrew and Pete will let you know the different types of content you need to be creating to 'sell' effectively on Social Media through your Content Marketing efforts. When direct sales often don't hit the mark online these days, how do you turn all this effort you are putting in, into actual turnover. Andrew and Pete will be talking you through the key strategies that have been proven to work across all social platforms.