Pascal Fintoni

Video killed the social media star

A fun and fast-paced look at the importance of video content in 2017 and how to adapt to the appeal of live videos on social networks. We will discuss how to avoid common mistakes and get the best results from platforms such as Facebook Live or Periscope. Importantly, we will learn the 3 main storytelling techniques used by filmmakers and the steps you need to plan, film, edit and publish the best social videos in order to avoid losing your audience to your competitors!

Natalie Eminae

Level up your Twitter strategy

So you’ve built your Twitter profile, added your logo and started tweeting – now what? If you’re keen to take your Twitter presence to the next level, don’t miss this seminar! Natalie shows you how to build a relevant, highly effective Twitter campaign that reaches your target customers, drives traffic to your website, and ultimately, sells your products or services through the platform. This seminar is designed to guide you through the social media maze, ensure that your Twitter efforts are adding value to your business and delivering an excellent ROI.

James Lane

Using Facebook to tell your story and reach more customers

Investigating the partnership between Facebook and Instagram. Their collaborative approach to demographic targeting means that businesses can use impressively powerful tools to deliver content to prospective customers, ensuring that less money is spent, but more viewers convert to paying customers. By exploring the targeting, custom audience and pixel features of these platforms, we can see how we have demonstrable results without huge marketing budgets.

Anthea Insular-Butcher

How to Stop Just Connecting and Get Business via Your LinkedIn Profile.

There are millions of LinkedIn Profiles, meaning there are millions of Business People looking for Business Opportunities as a means to create more revenue for their Business. This is fantastic!! Without cold calling and by employing the right strategies you can do business with your ideal clients from anywhere in the world and leverage lots of time. Decision-makers have invested in getting their profiles right so that they can position themselves as the Thought Leaders in their industries and be found by their ideal clients.

Daniel Dixon

Instagram for Business : Why you need to be there!

Instagram has long been seen as a B2C platform where businesses pushing fashion, food, fitness and lifestyle products could flourish, but now B2B brands are exploiting the power of the photo and video sharing app. This workshop will give you the knowledge, techniques and confidence to use Instagram for any business.

Iain Forrest

8 Google AdWords mistakes that are costing you money

Google AdWords is the most powerful advertising system ever conceived, giving marketers the ability to focus their efforts only on those who are most likely to become clients. However, as with any powerful tool, in untrained hands things don’t always go as planned. Attend this seminar, aimed at new advertisers, to learn about 8 common AdWords mistakes that could be costing you hundreds or thousands of pounds every month. You will find out the simple steps you need to take to fix them and opt out of the “stupidity tax” that Google levies on less savvy marketers!

Veronica Swindale

Is the digital marketing bubble ready to burst?

In this keynote from Veronica she will take you through How big does digital marketing have to get before it implodes? What will make that happen and how soon will that be? How will it affect you?