Anthea Insular-Butcher

Anthea Insular-Butcher How to Stop Just Connecting and Get Business via Your LinkedIn Profile.

There are millions of LinkedIn Profiles, meaning there are millions of Business People looking for Business Opportunities as a means to create more revenue for their Business. This is fantastic!! Without cold calling and by employing the right strategies you can do business with your ideal clients from anywhere in the world and leverage lots of time. Decision-makers have invested in getting their profiles right so that they can position themselves as the Thought Leaders in their industries and be found by their ideal clients.

I’ve been helping business owners to unlock the true potential within their LinkedIn Profiles. I have worked with SME companies (the decision-makers) who want to ensure that they position themselves as the Thought Leaders.

I am a Keynote Speaker, delivering concise content to more descriptive content, speaking to Start-ups and established Businesses. Each time I deliver a Keynote, people’s reactions are enlightening, the content is eye opening and not everyone is taking the necessary action.

I have helped students understand how they should be developing their profiles to help them apply for jobs and map out the experience they have gained so far with the right kind of content.
I now Coach business owners who want to position themselves as Thought Leaders within their field and they are experiencing first-class results from working with me.

How to Stop Just Connecting and Get Business via Your LinkedIn Profile.

  • 18 October 2017
  • Workshop breakout area
  • Session available morning - and afternoon