Natalie Eminae

Natalie Eminae Level up your Twitter strategy

So you’ve built your Twitter profile, added your logo and started tweeting – now what? If you’re keen to take your Twitter presence to the next level, don’t miss this seminar! Natalie shows you how to build a relevant, highly effective Twitter campaign that reaches your target customers, drives traffic to your website, and ultimately, sells your products or services through the platform. This seminar is designed to guide you through the social media maze, ensure that your Twitter efforts are adding value to your business and delivering an excellent ROI.

Having founded OCOCO Media in 2012, Natalie Eminae works with clients across a diverse range of sectors to deliver successful social media campaigns and effective digital marketing strategies.

Natalie has worked with hundreds of businesses to support their social media marketing, and spoken on the power of digital marketing in front of thousands of professionals.

She provides specialist social media marketing support to organisations throughout the automotive industry, and will be sharing her passion, enthusiasm and expertise in the sector.

Level up your twitter Strategy

  • 18 October 2017
  • Workshop breakout area
  • Session available in morning - and afternoon